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students on field trip
Group of students working on project

4th Grade

What's Happening in 4th Grade

For the first trimester, in math, we are focused on developing mathematical models and mastering concepts for place value, reading and writing whole numbers, rounding, and using multiplication and division to compare and solve word problems.  In science, our first unit of study is an exploration of the Russian River and how the river impacts numerous living things. Our three subtopics of study will be studying changes in the geological world, studying living organisms that are connected to the river and a study into how we plan and carry out investigations to solve problems. Our culminating project will be working with the Russian Riverkeepers of Healdsburg to develop a plan for repurposing a previously harmed/destroyed area of the Russian River. We will be taking two trips to the Russian River to see, firsthand, what we've learned and for inspiration in completing our culminating project. In Humanities, we will complete units 1 and  2 in Benchmark Advance. Unit 1 focuses on government and unit 2 is a study of characters in fiction.  In both units we learn to identify key details  and main ideas.  We also practice mastering summarizing, drawing inferences, using context clues to understand words, and studying long and short vowel sounds. We study similes and syllables. In social studies we are discussing time lines and making time lines of our own.  

Students at Russian River