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two students working together
students working together

2nd Grade

What's Happening in 2nd Grade!

Math and Science class

This month in math, students are finding patterns in a hundreds chart. They are practicing how to count by 2’s, 5’s and 10’s beyond 100. They are also learning to recognize coins and find the value of different coin  combinations. Students are learning math games in order to practice and memorize doubles facts and combinations to 10. In science class, students are exploring different kinds of rocks and describing their properties. 


Language Arts & Social Studies

In language arts, the students have daily practice with reading, phonics, writing, and comprehension skills.  They are using Lexia 3-4 times per week and Accelerated Reader once. This month, students will also begin completing reading and writing assignments on Google Classroom.  Their nightly homework is to READ. In social studies, the students are learning about communities and the importance of diversity.  

students thinking